Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google Reflection 

I have learned many things in Google, I learned using Google programs such as Google chrome, Blogger, Google site, Google Earth, Google docs and Google reader.
I used most of them in doing my college’s works and projects.

Blogger: in blogger I share my photos and different things with my friends and any one can see my blog

Twitter: I have account on Twitter, so I can share my thoughts or tweets with my followers, and keeping informed about world’s news.

Google Chrome: I use it to downloads Google programs or Games

Google search: I search for many projects and reports, and I know the specific ways to have an efficient search 

Google Site: I can share the information online with my friends.

Google Earth: I search for many famous places around the world, and I discovered new places that I didn't know it.

Google Docs: I and my group mates wrote our report in it and share it with each other so we can work together even if were at our home.

Google Reader: I can see all the updates of my favorite’s websites in one site. 

Google Map: I see the simple and clear location of many places also of the nearby places.

Google Calendar: I can list the datelines, events or appointment in Google Calendar, so I will not forget it 

So I benefit from Google application, and I will use it in future also more and more!

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