Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wonders and Marvels

There are many Wonders and Marvels around the world

Strange habit in the world


1.    In Babu in Guinea, when the girl enters the age of marriageable she enter the swimming pool or lake where
all the people can see her , she offers young guys each and every one a piece of clothing, and the piece that she take and wear it that’s mean she liked the guy that she took the piece of clothing from him and she get married form him immediately.

2. On the island of Hao in the Pacific provide the groom's dowry to the beautiful bride.
This dowry is a large number of mice, and if the bride is beautiful
the number of mice will be many, and the more beautiful the number will be larger.

3.  In a village in India, women are regarded as perfect if she gave birth to ten children at least

Wonders of the universe

Socotra Island - Yemen (strange tree)

Salar de Uni - Bolivia (a thin layer of water above the salt which gives an amazing reflection)

Rio Tinto mines - Spain

Hot water pond located in Japan, and gained a strange red color concentration of iron in water

Stone Forest - China

strange circles in Klylock Lake result of evaporation of water  - Canada

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