Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Personality from your Favorite Color

Know your character from favorite color .. Each color has a special character reflects on the personal behavior


Red is the color of passion. If your a Red person, chances are you love attention. If your the life of the party, and love to make head turns, you could very well be a Red person. Folks that love Red tend to want to experience life to the fullest. Lovers of this color may be romantic, brave, and athletic.

Yellow is the color of creativity and learning. Yellow folks tend to love new opportunities and thrive from learning and new experiences. Chances are your a charming person with confidence. People who favor yellow over other colors are typically happy go lucky, imaginative people.

Green is the color of life and nature. People who love green tend to search for peace. Green folks often are great listeners, and productive people. If you favor green, you probably appreciate the little things in life, and love beautiful surroundings.

Purple is the color of luxury and spirituality. Purple folks tend to love material things, and are sensual. It has also been found, that purple lovers tend to be wise, or respect wisdom. If you favor purple over the other colors, you could very possibly be: creative, sensitive and unique.

 Blue is the color of calm and tranquility. People who love blue tend to feel a need for harmony in their lives. Lovers of blue are typically trustworthy, and have a desire to find inspiration from different things. Blue lovers are often great friends and can be sensitive.

 Orange is the color of fun and warmth. People who love orange, tend to crave attention (as do people who favor Red.) If you love Orange, chances are you probably want to enjoy life to the fullest. Orange people can very possibly be fun, outgoing, and have an exciting personality.

 Pink is the color of beauty, hope and love. People who love pink tend to be compassionate, especially about things that are important to them. If you favor pink over the other colors, chances are you are probably a giving, charming person. You may also love to be playful, and have fun.

White is the blending of all the colors. It represents strength and purity. Folks who love white, are typically people who value tradition. Lovers of white also tend to need strong stability in their lives. If your a lover of white, you probably are neat, organized, and possibly shy in some way.

Brown is the color of nature and wholesomeness. Lovers of brown are typically pleasant people to be around. These people can be great trusting friends. If you favor Brown over the other colors, chances are you are dependable, and friendly.

 Black is the absence of light. Lovers of black tend to have a little bit of mystery about them in some way. Lovers of black often are excited by possibilities. Folks who love black tend to like to keep others guessing. If you favor black over the other colors, you may be a spontaneous person who loves the thill of the unknown

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